About Us!

Drivision is  a family owned and operated business providing a Book Hire service in Canberra, South East Queensland and Sydney.  Commencing in May 2017
(trading as X Canberra Cars) we have slowly grown to now offering car and High Capacity Vehciles (HCVs) in both locations providing flexability and a reliable service to our clients.

We can cater for a variety of services and certainly not limited to airport transfers.

Services we can provide:
Airport Transfers
Inter/Intra City Transfers
Urgent Document Delivery
1/2 Day and Full Day Hire

If you have a special requirement, please contact us and we will endeavour to make it happen for you.


Hire car like services for rideshare like prices...
Anywhere ..... Anytime .....

4 May 2017

X Canberra Cars

After operating as a rideshare driver for six months, we became accredited Hire Car Operator (with one vehicle) in the ACT servicing Canberra, Queanbeyan and Region.  

2 October 2018

The Business Grows

From May 17 to Sep 18, business grew and it became apparent expansion was enivitable. Accreditation approved to operate as a Transport Booking Service with the Canberra area engaging high quality rideshare operators.

29 October 2019

Expansion into Queensland

After numerous enquiries from Canberra clients, it was only finding the right people to work with and look after our Canberra clients in SE Queensland.  We were fortunate to have Peter located on the Sunshine Coast and was exactly what we were looking for a foundation for the interstate expansion.

17 January 2020

Let it grow!

We now have five vehicles both in the ACT and Queensland offering both car and High Capacity Vehicles (HCVs)

4 March 2020

The Move Into Sydney

Approval to operate NSW - Go Live Date - the end of Mar 2020

The Future.......

Where to From Here

The dream is to have a truely national service which will offer our clients a unique pre-booked car service which doesn't cost the earth. We will be instigating expansion into the other states when we can find the right operators with the same vision as we do!