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Drivision News

Coronavirus We all live in very different times compared to the same time last year. Fires, hail and floods have ravaged our country yet we have gotten through these events (sometimes a little worse for wear).

We now have COVID-19 which is impacting everyone's lives one way or another. Business/Government have placed restrictions on travel in an attempt to slow the infection rate which it will in time show some positive results.

However, business must still continue as best we can (we're no exception). To support business, we have decided to offer all new bookings a 20% discount until further notice for all web/app bookings only. To access this discount, please use code HELPBUS20 (available to all Drivision services areas). (Min fares still apply).

Also as a Canberra <> Sydney special, we are offering a special rate of $420 door to door with $600 for return same day. We can also also offer attractive rates if you wish to retain the vehicle for the duration. This will minimise your exposure to the general public and catching multiple vehicles whilst your away on business. This offer is for travel Canberra to Sydney or Sydney to Canberra. All booking must be secured by credit card. Please email/call for enquiries/bookings.

So our drivers aren't impacted greatly by this, we will increase their pay rate until we get through is period of uncertainty.

Supporting each other we can get through this challenging time.